Save Stonehenge

Peter Harris (as in Harris-Stockdale Megalithic Foot) posted this to his thread at the Megalithic Portal. “It appears that a legal challenge may be made against the Stonehenge tunnel decision.  Here is a link to a crowd funding project to possibly make it happen.” See also: [] []  I’m not sure what I think theyContinue reading “Save Stonehenge”

“E’s Already Got One – It’s Vara Nice”

Perhaps nature is telling me I should take a break and watch a movie. For the third time in a week I’ve somehow encountered occasion to get out a line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Not the least of these is because Peter Harris (as in Harris-Stockdale Megalithic Foot) inquired about datasets forContinue reading ““E’s Already Got One – It’s Vara Nice””

Mathematical Relationships Between Ancient Units of Measure

I’ve written before about the geometric relationships between proposed values for ancient units of measure. Ancient metrological units can be linked thought the geometry of both squares and rectangles, and the geometry of circles. In terms of squares and rectangles, this is a concept I was introduced to by the work of John Michell, whereContinue reading “Mathematical Relationships Between Ancient Units of Measure”

“Progress Report” on the Giza Layout

Earlier today, I posted this the following to the Megalithic Portal. I am not certain what to make of it but I find it very intriguing, and thought I’d share it with readers: Well, let’s see – I was aspiring to have a look at data for the Mount Pleasant henge and see if IContinue reading ““Progress Report” on the Giza Layout”

Paving The Way

At present, I seem to be doing too much juggling for my own good. With one hand, I am working on the ultra-Herculean task of attempting to make sense of the larger layout of the Giza pyramids, while at the same time I have been tempted to start looking the engineering of Egypt’s ancient pyramidContinue reading “Paving The Way”

A Number Never Mentioned

Well, perhaps it’s more like a number very rarely mentioned. At present I am continuing to try to find ways to fathom the data resulting from combining WMF Petrie’s data for the distances between centers of the three main Giza pyramids with my established models of these pyramids. In the course of this, I seemContinue reading “A Number Never Mentioned”

Giza’s Dirty Little Secret?

I have a lot of pieces of paper flying about with calculations relating to the Giza layout, so I sat down to put some of them into HTML tables.  One of the first things that happened is that I set up a ratio matrix (a list of the dividends of all the numbers divided byContinue reading “Giza’s Dirty Little Secret?”

The Great Pyramid’s Vertical Edge

As I continue to beat my head against the problem of the layout of Giza’s main pyramid – the “Giza Blueprint” as DUNE calls it – I find myself going back to the model of the Great Pyramid and some of its less referenced attributes. Overall, the reasons for this include that combining my modelsContinue reading “The Great Pyramid’s Vertical Edge”

The Valleys of Neptune

Don’t worry, dear reader – I’m sure I have enough controversial things to say already without seriously suggesting that the surprisingly modern-looking observatories of the Maya were once equipped with telescopes, but even if we can’t look to it as proof that they did, I do find it interesting to think about whether they selectedContinue reading “The Valleys of Neptune”

Do We Decimal?

First, perhaps a disclaimer is order – sometimes, I’ve had to do little more than try and explain the logic of my work with numbers, or explain how certain ideas are not tranferrable across diffeent proposed ancient number systems, to give other independent researchers the impression that I intend something other than mere constructive criticismContinue reading “Do We Decimal?”

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